The days of undertaking quick-fix remodels to sell a home more quickly and for more money are long gone. Now, with loans hard to come by and home sales slow, remodeling is all about projects that save you money in the long term and pay you cash up front.  Believe it or not, the federal government is more than willing to help--to the tune of thousands in tax credits. But this isn't about redoing your kitchen; it's about energy independence.  To help keep people in their mortgages rather than letting a home go, many legislators--including House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank and the National Association of Realtors--have floated the idea of mortgage-rate buy-downs as an attempt to keep people in their homes and encourage home buying while helping curb our buildings effects on Climate Change.   One possible suggestion is to combine the two ideas of energy savings and tax incentives: Allow government assisted mortgage-rate buy-downs, if homeowners improve their energy efficiency by 75%.  Homeowners would get the benefit of a lower home payment and a tax deduction to boot and the targeted government money becomes directly invested into sustainable green projects that could spur our economy and help address our climate crisis.  It would incentive homeowners to invest money into improving the efficiency of their home for tax credit.  And what could be better than the combination of lower mortgage payments and smaller energy costs; especially when you throw in a few thousand dollars from Uncle Sam.  Now there’s a green idea!